In 2003, mobile phone screen saver and its variants; 2012 has opened its doors as a specialist of mobile phone accessories, mobile phone accessories, mobile charger, MFI cabling, branded cables and customized electronic products. Since that day, we provide complete services.

Our products; it will not be packed precisely before individual checks and tests. With this ; we are testing 3 times of our charger products in the of our valued customers. we call it a gold test. Our test is exposed to resistance to a charge of his product at intervals of 1.5 hours to 4 hours. our goal is to make sure that our customers are satisfied that we can use it with confidence.

After our research, we saw it as an extension of our work as an integral part of a successful solution for us.

To that end, we are building a personal relationship with our client and are trying to offer a unique experience with responsive needs and goals. We are absolutely capable of producing products in a variety of sizes that we would like to receive from ourselves the suitability and quality of our personal use.

We are committed to being a total solution provider, bringing creativity to the real world, enabling people to reach each other better and communicate with each other. At MiCUSB , our wealth, service and product offerings are constantly improved, making investments - winning - our win-win route makes sense.